Windmills by Dave Shortt

Tuesday, September 2, 2014 § 0

Poetry by Dave Shortt

quixotic mandala zephyr

silent backroad childhood pedals unto
'my baby,'
where in a turbine of dreams
personal numbers tumble into draws of
animal magnetism

green fields, cloudless blue sky,
comic book still-life with
'merely players,'
(would TV come,
helping instigate hardball science?)

futures heat up in tentative
aesthetic quanta, careers seeming
undetermined, careening
radio waves spread pop peace

because past is past, archaic
wheels of fortune
are slowed by friction of zeniths,
male renaissances fade
in technical reveries

'all your loves', rising air
attracted to this
elevation, where stagnant
relationships are
drinks packaged in cheap aluminum,
laundromat affairs
agitating graywater patterns in
tomorrow's clouds

today's price is
rotating commodities,
wind blows through abandoned marble
atoms of degrading fuel
seek out suffocated limestone
of sunken cities

dizzying amusements of dry land
churn shame into buttery wattage,
quickly spread on bread & burned up
during teen binges

draconian sky diaphragm heaves
megavolts into lovers' powerless attractions,
hibernatory plutonium drama
seduces Kore in sleaze light,
in reconnaissance of tungsten she
coos to the latest cyber-beast,
dropping purest of wastes
breezes through the whole grid Shebang
to hell's porn website
(a game of promethian roulette
crimps new baby outlets
or decommissions
ferris wheel romance)

couples sprinkled among white fuselages
in multi-matrimonial ceremony,
when old Don Picaresque dropped in, crusading
against another huge electric bill,
his brood of urchins back home
glued to live coverage of
the last drop of oil

Dave Shortt has written poems which have appeared in several print & online venues including Ygdrasil, S/WORD, Nedge, Switched-On Gutenberg, e-ratio, nth position, Nexus, Astropoetica, and Mesechabe.

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