Conundrum Jot by Scott Bratcher

Friday, September 27, 2013 § 0

Conundrum Jot

Poetry by Scott Bratcher

Festering, feverish, prated, pliable, penultimate, polis.
All are possible Scrabble words and come to us from
Diverse places. But something wiggled in the gloom, 
Pranced about like whiffle balls made of lead or 
Flowed downstream in vast oblivion -- that the last 
Evidence of plausible screaming -- that the first look 
At stricken ash, the coming of the Messiah as leafing 
Through brochures, picking up microorganisms in a 
Languid universe committed to roll up maps of your 
Birthplace. Probably the dilemma of language experts 
With pretense of knowledge. Probably little men and 
Women who know a sore thumb when they see one. 
It was throbbing when they couldn't see it. It was 
Justified for losing focus, getting lost in the woods and 
Testing the limits of expression with acrobatic turns, 
Without nets and possibly an audience that is never 
Capable enough to applaud. That is never generous 
Enough to abandon their colorful umbrellas. 

There is rain outside the tent falling fast from a dark 

Sky. There is always the presumption it matters.

Scott Bratcher lives in South Central Kentucky, and his most recent publications have been in UUTPoetry, September 2013 issue. He graduated from Southern Illinois University with a BA in English.  He has published short fiction and poetry in various literary magazines and journals. 

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