Under the Skirts of Spanish Dancers by John Landry

Tuesday, October 8, 2013 § 0

Under the Skirts of Spanish dancers

Poetry by John Landry

Under the skirts of Spanish dancers
stray icons engage in the secret practice of Elsewhere
A few verbs of crystal blind the glands of eucalyptus leaves
where I, mad with bouquets looking for the perfect opium,
wheel my eyes through leprous snow
panting the rays of an incandescent love
to soften the hoops of idiots
in that place between nauseous fingers
and the insinuations of an orphan flute
I am a drunken heap of anchors bleached to a whisper
where yr fevered sails incline upon my fauning

John Landry has been bicoastal since 1969. In 2010 his book who will prune the plum tree when I'm gone / quien va a podar los ciruelos cuando me vaya was published in Santiago, Chile by Editorial Cuneta. He read his poems at the Library of Congress at the invitation of Gwendolyn Brooks.

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