Zero by the MLC Surrealists

Friday, October 27, 2017 § 0

A Collaborative Poem
by the MLC Surrealists

Frozen river under bone moon.

Still born, moon child.
Mood child, still life.
Lost in light.
The musical crackling of ice on Lake Superior in May.
She writes with her left hand.
Bone moon. Stillness.

The MLC Surrealists are a collective of Toronto-based of writers, associated with Ryerson University’s Modern Literature and Culture Research Centre and led by Mark Silverberg. Using techniques and games from the French Surrealists, works are collaboratively created and edited. Zero’s “authors” include Tim Bengert, Esther Berry, Leslie Carlin, William A. Davison, Rachel Glassman, Emily Glassman, Ceilidh Harrison, Mark Silverberg, Ryan Sumabat, and Jane Zhao.