Tower of Babel in Ultraviolet by Lenny Della Rocca

Sunday, September 15, 2013 § 0

Tower of Babel in Ultraviolet

Poetry by Lenny Della Rocca

The theater guest of Bellview is a penis

Electrons piss the bees off in a grave

“Oh nurse!” it calls when all it’s heads are bleeding

A Mayan lectures gadgets to behave

So many noisy lovers in the bathroom

It’s tantamount to pouring death on fish

Of course the ants are lesbians with baggage

While rapists count the stars and make a wish

Fortune is a brave but lonely lilac

But anything that’s licked can have a smell

If all the thieves in Moscow wore a habit

We could sneeze and let them go to hell

How many former guards would eat the princess

I would not hang a donkey from a roof

But claws and forks are crude inside her panties

She tames the street with cuts and stays aloof

And now the mouths of Baghdad have been burdened

An archeologist confirms that God is dead

He pulls a cork from someone’s angry nephew

Until the world explodes inside his head

Lenny Della Rocca writes: "I've always been a fan of surrealism. I have a poem called Letter to André Breton but it has been published. I've got many, but you're asking for one poem - so here it is."

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